Stomach Fat Loss

Information To Help You Lose Stomach Fat

Stomach Fat Loss - Information To Help You Lose Stomach Fat

Detox Body Wraps

Losing fat from the stomach is a challenge for many people.

Here we show you a method that is fast and effective, using a detox body wrap patch applied directly to the stomach (or anywhere on the body) for a minimum of 45 minutes. 

My Before and Afters: 

After One Wrap


Who should use a Body Wrap?

Body wraps may be beneficial for:

  • People looking for “fast weight loss programs” or who need to see immediate results, but who don’t wish to starve themselves! A body wrap is a safer, more effective, better alternative than undertaking a dramatic and potentially unhealthy fad diet.
  • Brides who need to fit into their dress, or just feel better in their dress on their wedding day.
  • Those returning from a holiday, looking to get back on track with their health after a period of excess, wishing to detoxify their bodies and kick start their weight loss.
  • Those who train regularly and eat well, but who are having trouble shifting certain stubborn fat deposits and want some help.
  • 21st? 30th? 40th? 50th? Engagement? These wraps are great to use prior to a special occasion.
  • Both men and women- some of the biggest losses have come from men. Tone up your belly fat and make your man boobs disappear.

What is it?

It is a cloth wrap infused with all natural, potent herbal ingredients, which were formulated after over ten years of research. Applied by yourself at home, it is a painless, safe and easy treatment designed to help you achieve your body transformation goals.

My Side on Before and After (45 minutes apart- a total 17cm loss)

See my videos to the right for more info!


How do you use it?

The wrap is applied to your target fat loss areas, for a minimum of 45 minutes. The wrap can be applied anywhere- placed on your stomach, love handles, upper arms, chin and neck, buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs, calf muscles- basically any place you have a stubborn fat deposit or wish to tone up-  and want to target directly. One wrap treats one area, so multiple wraps may be required depending on the areas you want to treat- as shown in the pictures below. Please see “How To Instructions” for my step by step pictures I took of the wrap on me! 

Different ways to use the Body Wraps 


What does it do?

All natural ingredients contained in the infused body wrap penetrate deep down through the layers of skin, and penetrate the fat cells deposited on your body. Fat cells are the hoarders of toxins- which are responsible for the uneven or bumpy appearance of skin (cellulite) as shown in the diagram below. The wrap works hard to release these toxins for your body to be able to excrete- shrinking the size of the fat cells and smoothing out the appearance. 



The fat cells are effectively ‘unlocked’ and the contained toxins are released into your system- in a form which your body is able to excrete. Once released, they are expelled by your body through it’s .. ahem… usual, natural processes.


Will I lose Weight?

Toxins held in fat cells generally have an insignificant actual weight. It is for this reason, that an immediate decrease on the scales will NOT be seen. Weight loss can be a ‘side effect’, as when your body harbours less toxins, it has been proven to function more effectively, and metabolise fat in a more efficient matter. If a number on the scales is your main motivation for seeking a body wrap, you may wish to consider using another method to assist you with your body transformation goals. Despite losing 17cms from my stomach, I did not have an immediate decrease in weight on the scales! 


Other positive effects that have been recorded include

  • Reduced appearance of cellulite,
  • Reduced visibility of stretch marks,
  • Increase in firmness of skin in treated area,
  • Assistance with treatment of excessively dry skin, and other skin conditions**.

After 3 Wraps- Dramatic improvement in firmness of skin, reduction of appearance of cellulite.  

** Please note that the wraps are not designed to “cure” anything! Improvements in skin conditions seems to have been a ‘side effect’ more than anything else- as always- please check with your doctor for further advice! 

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